Popoyo Real Estate


Location:Emerald Coast between Chacocente and Veracruz
Size:68 Manzanas (120 Acres)

This particular parcel is perfect for a private Estate or Development property, a rare stretch of unspoiled coastline just past Astillero at the north end of the Emerald Coast in the Rio Escalante-Chacocente Wildlife Refuge.

The property is attractive to surfers and nature lovers, and those who appreciate unique locations on the planet. There are turtle nesting beaches on both sides of the property.

The property, known locally as PeƱoncito, is a rocky promontory projecting into the Pacific Ocean between two spectacular sandy beaches: Chacocente and Veracruz. Its unique position provides amazing views in three directions and easy access to multiple surf breaks. Boasting well over half a kilometer of coastline, the property is designated as Ecotourism or Sustainable Development zone by the MARENA Management Plan.

Approximately 120 acres of land
Approximately 600 meters of coastline
Rocky promontory with sandy beach
Fully titled, with all ownership documentation
Rough road into the property
Off-grid electricity options available.
On-site artisan well, with water treatment options available.
Situated at the northern end of one of the most significant sea turtle nesting beaches on the planet.
Approximately 10 m above sea level, perched between Chacocente and Veracruz beaches. Attractively priced at just over $20,000 per acre.
Unparalleled ocean views and encounters with nature

The location is perfectly suited for upscale eco-tourism and/or low-density residential development. This one-of-a-kind property can be reached either from Casares to the North or The Emerald Coast to the South by Astillero.