Popoyo Real Estate

Beach Front - Restaurant/Home - 60 meters Beach Front

Location:Playa Santana - Kilometer North of Rancho Santana
Size:3/4 acre - 60 meters of Beach Front

The house is a Waterfront Beach House / Restaurant on Playa Santana about a kilometer from Rancho Santana. Built in 2013 it was designed as a restaurant downstairs and a 3 bedroom apartment upstairs that utilizes the unrivaled ocean, mountain and sunset views. It has incomparable quality, functionality, tasteful custom finishes, and all the comforts of home.

It is set up as a restaurant on the first floor. Open air, large enough to seat 40 with a bar area, full commercial kitchen, and storage space. Also on the first floor there is a garage, a bedroom and another large room that has the washer and drier in it. Most of the construction is solid concrete. Some of these interior walls on the first floor were built with sheet rock so they could be removed easily in case someone wanted to expand

There is plenty of room to expand outside the house. There is enough room for a small hotel or numerous guest houses.

The second floor has a full kitchen, Living dining area, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is a deck upstairs that goes around the entire house.

There are two wells. One is right next to the house. The other is on a separate piece of property about a hundred yards away. This piece of titled property comes with the house. This is one of the unique selling points of this property. Most properties along the beach do not have water access. They buy their water and store it in tanks.

The property is set up to live off the grid. There is Solar Power and a 16 battery inverter system. There is also a solar hot water heater.

The entire property is fenced in and there is plenty of area for restaurant parking. There are security cameras inside and outside the entire house

All the permits for the restaurant come with the house.