Popoyo Real Estate

Ocean View - 2 Acres - Home

Location:Las Salinas
Size:2 acres, Home 1,000 sq/ft

Small two story 1,000 sq/ft home on 2 acres that is currently being used as surf rental property. There is plenty of room to build a larger building or plenty of smaller ones to keep the surf rental program going.

The property can be subdivided and can be used for commercial or residential.

It is a five minute ride to Playa Santana. There are numerous surf breaks in the area within a 15 minute drive.

The owner lives in a studio apartment on the first floor and has two bedrooms that he rents to clients on the second floor.

The property is on 2 acres of land that was formally used for farming. A road has been cut and paved There is a driveway and walkway from the beginning to the end of the property.

There is electricity on the property. There is also a well with a system that provides adequate water.

This is a rapidly developing area. It is prime time for an investment here. There is a lot of construction of both homes and businesses. There is a new international airport about 10 minutes down the road.

The height of the property provides a good breeze so there is little need for air conditioning

It is a perfect place for a hill top restaurant / bar, a home, B&B or a hotel.